I heard there are 620 letters in the Aseres Hadibros which corresponds to the 613 Mitzvos of the Torah and 7 Mitzvos D'Rabanan. What are the Seven Mitzvos D'Rabanan - שבע מצוות דרבנן? Is there a easy way to remember them? Is there any disagreement as to what the seven are?

  • "The laws are codified in the Shulchan Aruch in Orach Chaim 366, 408 and 527." I don't have a text in front of me so I can't gloss it -- sorry.
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    @Danno Try OC 366, OC 408, and OC 527.
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Rav Baruch Halperin in Sefer Mitzvat Hashem (beginning on p. 149 of this edition) gives the list below and explains each in detail! A clearer text of Rav Halperin's list is included as an appendix to this edition of the Chinuch (p394).

The 7 Mitzvos are:

  1. Berachos - Reciting Berachos

  2. Netilas Yadayim - washing your hands

  3. Eruvin - allowing one to carry within an Eruv and walk further on Shabbos through an Eruv Techumin

  4. Reciting Hallel on festivals

  5. Ner Shabbos - Shabbos candles

  6. Megilla - on Purim

  7. Chanuka - lighting the Menora.

There are many mnemonics for remembering them. One from Sefer Keser Torah is:

אש"ר לרע"ך

א - אור (חנוכה)
ש - שבת (נר)
ר - רנה (הלל)
ל - לקריאה (מגילה)
ר - רחיצה (נטילת ידיים)
ע - ערובין
כ - כברכותיך

More can be found at wikipedia


Chasam Sofer - Parshas Yisro - Asher Lraiacha says that the seven Mitzvos are as follows.

א - Aveilus - Seven days of Aveilus

ש - Simcha - Seven days of Simchas Chasan and Kallah

ר - Rechitza - Netilas Yadayim

ל - Lechem - Not to eat Pas Akum or Bishul Akum

ר - Reshuyos - This is Eruvin which combines Reshuyos

ע - Amalaik - Reading the Megila, which goes on the eradication of haman and the people that were killed on the 13th of Adar, which were from Amalaik

כ - Kohanim - This alludes to the miracle of Chanuka which was established by the Kohanim.

I see Zvi has answered with some different Mitzvos from another reliable source, so I guess there is some disagreement as to exactly what these seven Mitzvos are.


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