What is the difference between נצר natzar (keep, gaurd, watch, preserve) and שמר shamar?

Their meaning looks so similar that I would like to know what makes the difference between these two.

(For example in the verse of Tehillim 105:45, Mishlei 2:8, 2:11, 4:6 etc.)

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Malbim (ביאור המילות) writes on your first cited verse (Tehillim 105:45):

ישמרו, ינצרו. הנוצר גדול מן השומר, והתורות צריכים שמירה יתירה יותר כי הם כוללות גם עקרי האמונה והלמודים

"נצר" is a greater degree of "guarding" than "שמר;" because the תורות need to be guarded more because they also contain the main tenets of our faith and learning.

(my translation)

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