Mesechtas Shabbos 133b gives a list of items that one should do with nice things in order to beautify the Mitzva. Conspicuously absent is Tefilin. Is there a source to get nice Tefilin? If not, why is Tefilin excluded?

דתניא זה אלי ואנוהו התנאה לפניו במצות עשה לפניו סוכה נאה ולולב נאה ושופר נאה ציצית נאה ספר תורה נאה וכתוב בו לשמו בדיו נאה בקולמוס נאה בלבלר אומן וכורכו בשיראין נאין

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    I don't think Tefilin are "[c]onspicuously absent;" mezuzah, animals for korbanos, and matzah aren't mentioned either, and neither are many other חפצא של מצוה. Why do you think Tefilin should need to be on this list? – MTL Feb 1 '15 at 16:01

The Magen Avos from the Rashbatz on Pirkei Avos 2:1 brings this list and explains that it is the same point as Rabi Yehuda is making there, by doing the mitzvos on a level of נאה, it will be for him a תפארת לפני קונו, a praise before his Creator, ובני אדם גם כן יפארוהו, and people will also praise him.

Taking this into concideration I would suggest Tephilin don't need to be on this list as we find them already called a פאר in various sugyos, see for instance Brachos 11a. It would therefore be simple that they are performed on this level of נאה, in order to be a פאר.

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