I am looking for the oldest sidur you can find and read online. I mean a scanned version of course. If possible before 1000 Modern Era.

Ps: I am not looking for something in a museum since I want to read in it.

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    If partial siddurim qualify, if you look through the online Cairo Geniza for siddur-fragments (at Oxford and Cambridge), I suspect you will eventually see the oldest siddur online, but I don't know how you would recognize it as such; they are not clearly dated. (Many fragments are simply tagged "Date of Creation: 6th-19th century." They do identify the material they are printed on, so limiting your search to vellum may help.)
    – Rish
    Feb 13, 2015 at 13:52

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I admit that this is not a precise answer to your question but it may give you hope.

The Jewish Daily Forward carried an article about

AUSTIN, TEX. — A 1,200-year-old parchment Jewish prayer book that is billed as the oldest in existence was introduced Sept. 27 by a prominent private collector of Biblical artifacts.

Full research on the book will be published next year or in early 2015 with the Netherlands-based Brill, edited by Emanuel Tov, a bible professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Jerry Pattengale, executive director of the Green Scholars Initiative, according to Green.

The Times of Israel has a report about the time the siddur was exhibited in Jerusalem last autumn with a picture of one of the pages.

Its final home will be The Green Collection and its website says that

Guests will be able to experience this collection year-round when Museum of the Bible opens its 430,000-square-foot museum in Washington, D.C., scheduled to open in 2017.

  • Thanks. Although that was not exactly what I was looking for.
    – far22
    Feb 1, 2015 at 19:59

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