Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch says that the word zachor (in Exodus 20:7), meaning remember, is the statement telling us "to keep the Shabbos in our minds and hearts, and give verbal expression to its holiness."

Rav Hirsch is quoted as such in the Artscroll Siddur's commentary on לכה דודי (on the words, "שמור וזכור בדבור אחד") which can be found in the interlinear Artscroll Shabbos Siddur, page 71.

Does anyone know the original source where Rav Hirsch says this?


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To paraphrase R' Hirsch's comments on Sh'mos 20:7:

The Talmud (Sh'vu'os 20b) remarks that the words zachor (remember) and shamor (guard/observe) were said at the same time. This indicates that these two aspects of Shabbos are intertwined. The Jewish Sabbath does not entail mere spiritual recollection. Such an approach would rob Shabbos of its essential character.

For the Jewish people, the obligation to remember the Shabbos (zachor) is an obligation to perform acts that focus our hearts on the significance of the day. From this, the reason behind many of the laws of Shabbos becomes clear. First of all, "recall it over wine at its onset" (P'sachim 106a), which is the mitzva to sanctify the day with kiddush...

R' Hirsch's comments can be seen more fully in Hebrew here:

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