Rav Tzadok HaKohein of writes in Divrei Chalomos (#20) the following on birthdays: "On the day when a person is born, his mazal is very strong and every year on that day he does not have to fear from anything that will weaken his mazal."

Would this imply that one's mazal is somehow connected to tefillah and therefore on one's birthday, it is time of עת רצון regarding tefillah?


No, I don't think so. I didn't see your Divrei Chalomos inside, but I don't see that he said anything about tefillah in your quote. I don't either see why you would think that mazal is connected to tefillah, so I don't think that this statement by Rav Tzadok would imply that there is an עת רצון on someone's birthday. (though it doesn't necessarily imply that there is no such thing as an עת רצון on a birthday; I just don't think that there is any positive proof)

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