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In parshas Vayechi 47 29 Yaakov Avinu tells Yosef to place his hand by his thigh. We find this expression used by Avraham Avinu in Chayei Sarah 24 2 with an explenation by Rashi that an object used for a mitzvah needed to be held for the shvua and Avraham chose his mitzvas mila because it was his first mitzva, and he got it through pain, and it was precious to him. None of this applies to Yaakov, so why did he choose it? There is even a Medrash that says Yaakov was born without a foreskin so there is no object of mitzva at all.

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You say that none of the reasons listed for Avraham apply to Yaacov; I would have to disagree with the primary reason given by Rashi; swearing while holding a sacred object. Even if Yaacov was born circumcised, this would still require drawing of blood (Shabbat 135a), and hence still be a davar shel kedusha (object of holiness/mitzvah object).

And thus, would also have caused him pain, and hence would be precious etc.

So you see, all three would still apply.

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  • @user6591 R. Simeon b. Eleazar said: Beth Shammai and Beth Hillel did not differ concerning him who is born circumcised that you must cause a few drops of the covenant blood to flow from him, because it is a suppressed foreskin:2 – warz3 Jan 5 '15 at 22:38
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