What happens if you take off your mezuzah because its not yours is a bracha required if you change mezuzas?

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    What's the case where "it's not yours." You mean like moving into a new house, and the previous person asks for their mezuzahs back? – Shalom Jan 7 '11 at 2:48

The Sefer Kvias Mezuza KiHilchato (Ch 12:15, pg 176) says:

"If you take down a Mezuza to switch it with another, some say that you have to make a Bracha.

In the footnotes he brings Rav Moshe Feinstein (in Oholei Yeshurun, Vol 2, laws of Mezuza, footnote 261) who says explicitly that you do not make a Bracha. He brings the Mishna Berura - in related Halachot - who implies that one should make another Bracha.

He concludes that - as with any other Bracha-in-doubt - that one should not make a Bracha when switching Mezuzot.

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