Two children that have the same father but different mothers are forbidden to have relations on grounds of incest. If their father is a gentile (and they have different Jewish mothers), it is not really their father, therefore are they still forbidden to have relations?


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This question was raised by the Assia journal conjunction with artificial fertilization.

It is a problem to take sperm from another Jew because the child could marry his brother. It may be permitted to take sperm of a non-Jew in this case because they are not considered to be brothers.

, שהטעם "עיקרי לאיסור הזרעה מיהודי זר לאשת-איש - "שמא ישא אחותו מאביו" - לא קיים במקרה שהזרע הוא של גוי. זאת מכיון שאין הולד מתייחס אחר אב-גוי גם כשהוא נולד כדרך כל הארץ, לא כל שכן בצורת הזרעה מלאכותית.‏

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