P'til Tekhelet is an organisation which makes M. trunculus techeilet. Who hechshers their tzitziot?


From http://tekhelet.com/tekhelet/ask-ptil-tekhelet/

Q. Who is the mashgiach on the process making sure it's lishma, etc.? Who gives the official hechsher?

A. R. Eliyahu Tavger is the Rav of the Amuta. The workers doing the dyeing, spinning, twining of the threads are all yirei shamayim Jews who are very careful to state explicitly before every process, “L’shem mitzvat tzitzit.”

  • Just for the record, they also dye niputz lishmah tzitzit, which are not made in-house. I can't remember which company supplies them with niputz lishmah strings. Jun 15 '15 at 12:13

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