Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid wrote a famous will.

The only place I was able to find it was on Hebrewbooks.org.

However, it's an old print and an incomplete one at that.

Is there somewhere the complete will?

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    Some would say you can't find his will ANYWHERE. It's a very controversial work, and some, notably the חתם סופר (Resp. OC:138), have cast doubt on its authenticity. See R' Yosef Engel in Ben Porat, vol. 2, Siman 11.
    – Ephraim
    Commented Nov 23, 2014 at 19:18

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Try Wikisource - he.wikisource.org - צוואת רבי יהודה החסיד. Can't vouch for its completeness, but it seems to be there.

Hat tip: Google.

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