Let's assume that one puts on the shel yad (hand-tefillin) before the shel rosh, and based on that, should be careful to take out the shel yad first (because of "אין מעבירין על המצוות").

What should one do if one accidentally removed the shel rosh (head-tefillin) from the tefillin bag first? Should he put it on (אין מעבירין על מצוות), or put it down and put on the shel yad?


According to Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 25:6, one should put on the shel yad first.

The reason for this is given in the Mishna Berura, ad loc (23) -- since the reason for the order of "shel yad first" is given explicitly in Double AA's answer the gemara (Menachos 36a), we keep by that order, even though אין מעבירין על המצוות is contradicted.

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