The Maharil, brought in likutei Maharil #95 quotes his rebbi Mahara'sh as saying the nation called ווינדין are the Mitzrim (Egyptians).

אמר מהר׳ש שקבלה בידו מאותו אומה שקורין ווינדין הם המצרים, והיינו שנאמר ממלכה שפלה, כי אין להם לא שר ולא פריץ רק כולם כפריים.‏

Mahara"sh said that he has a tradition that the nation that is called "ווינדין" are the מצרים (Egyptians), as the verse states (יחזקאל כט, יד) "a down-fallen kingdom," because they do not have any rulers; they are all village dwellers.

Who are the ווינדין that he is refering to?


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Rabbi Dovid Tzvi Hillman in the name of German Encyclopedia says it was a Slavic group known as Wenden that lived in Germany.


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