I understand that the tribe of Levi were Priests, and the tribe of Benjamin were solders (Slingers to be more specific). But is there a general trait that is distinguished in each of the twelve (12) tribes of Israel?

  • Judah (kingship), Issachar (scholarship), and Zevulon (international trade) have pretty well defined roles in tradition. The other tribes, less so, though Ephraim is pretty clearly a counterbalance to Judah. Commented Nov 7, 2014 at 22:56

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Reuben – The First
Shimeon – The Aggressor
Levi – The priest
Judah – The Leader
Dan – The Judge
Naphtali – The Free Spirit
Gad – The Warrior
Asher – The Prosperous One
Issachar – The Scholar
Zebulun – The Businessperson
Joseph – The Sufferer
Menashe – Reconnection
Ephraim – Transformation
Benjamin – The Ravenous Consumer

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