Many of the idolatrous heritage sites like Bamiyan Buddha, Sufi shrines, and Hindu idols are being destroyed by Islamic fundamentalists around the globe. Does Judaism allow a non Jew to demolish such idolatry or is it encouraged for a Jew to recommend and help a gentile in eradicating idolatry by any means possible?


Technically, yes. It is a mitzvah to destroy Idolatrous artifacts and currently existing Idols

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    The Christians also destroy idols, just not their own. – Turk Hill May 21 at 17:24
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    Yes, but does that extend to non-Jews (i.e. Noachides)? Does that extend to places that are not under Jewish rule? As I see it, that's what the question is about. (The mitzvah you mention is implicitly acknowledged in the question, otherwise the question would be meaningless.) – Tamir Evan May 21 at 17:33

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