How much invalid material invalidates schach? (tefachim + inches preferred, but not required)

Would it make a difference if this material was in the middle of the roof, or on the side (=next to the wall)?

Related question: How much of a gap in schach is acceptable?

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4 tefachim of invalid material invalidates schach.

S.A. O.C. 632:1

סכך פסול פוסל באמצע בארבעה טפחים אבל פחות מארבעה כשרה ומותר לישן תחתיו מן הצד אינו פוסל אלא בארבע אמות

Invalid schach invalidates in the middle of the sukkah at 4 tefachim, but at less than 4 you could even sleep under it. At the side, you get up to 4 amos.

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