Where can I find Chumash and Rashi review questions on all books of the Torah?

Looking for:

  1. As much detailed question as possible (i.e the more questions on as much rashi's as possible the more questions on each Rashi.)

  2. Any Age group.

  3. Words to translate would be great.

  4. Better if it is online but if it is in a book it is fine (it would be great to get a sample page of that book if you can find a sample page.)

  5. English, Hebrew, or Yiddish questions.

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    Not online but this is a link to a set of books with 100+ questions on each parsha to choose from. judaicapress.com/The-Rashi-Companion-5-vol.-set.html
    – Yitzchak
    Oct 13, 2014 at 17:27
  • The Rashi Companion is perfect
    – Moshe
    May 11, 2020 at 22:37
  • New working link for: The Rashi Companion. Author: Rabbi Yaakov Marcus. Publisher: Judaica Press. judaicaplaza.com/products/jp-raco5v
    – stomtech
    Sep 24 at 14:27

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Rabbi Wichnin's Chumash Questions book, first edition of which, published in 1995, is long since out of print, is now available online at http://www.chumashquestions.org/

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    It could be further improved with a brief description of the book and the sorts of questions it asks.
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Ohr Same'ach

Two other sites that I know are good are Torah Tots and OU's NCSY site. I have trouble locating these sites, now, but if you Google, you should locate these, as well as numerous other sites.

You may also want to check various shul and yeshiva web sites. Many yeshivot & kolelim post parsha questions on their web site. Yeshivot ketanot (elementary school) tend to do this as they use this for homework.


I found this recently the rashi challenge http://www.feldheim.com/the-rashi-quiz-book.html.

Brief description from feldheim: Learning Chumash with Rashi has been a treasured part of Jewish life for almost a thousand years, since the time he lived and wrote. Now, Rabbi Jonathan Fox, with his engaging question-and-answer format, brings the enjoyable gift of Rashi to our Shabbos tables every week. The Rashi Challenge makes the power and wisdom of Rashi’s teachings accessible to all young and old, learned and beginner in a delightful and fascinating way.


You might want to consider the 'What's bothering Rashi?' series here:

He provides Rashi's insight on a pasuk and then provides a greater analysis to understanding his train of thought.

You can find some examples here.


For multiple choice questions on each Parsha go to https://chumashrashitests.com/#test

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