We have a 2 lbs box of medjool dates. Very fancy. But it has been on the shelf for about 2 months. At first, when we split it, no visible bugs. Now we are seeing small white spots near the seed, salt grain sized.

Even with a good magnifying glass, I cannot discern if this is just sugar deposits developing (they are very sweet, and I am told that as they dry you sometimes get sugar), or if this is small bugs.

How can you tell the difference between bugs, which would make the dates not kosher, and other small, white things, like sugar deposits?

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Some useful rules of thumb: If if moves, it's a bug. If it has legs,it's a bug. If it is asymmetrical, it's probably not a bug.

My guess is that it's just sugar. In the future, you can keep the dates in the freezer if you're worried about them getting buggy.

-Rebbetzin HaQoton


According to the Kof-K's bug checking guide if webbing or seedy substance is seen, worms may be present. What you are describing does not sound like webbing or seedy substance so I would say it is not a problem.

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