If one wears a condom, since it prevents actual "skin-to-skin" contact, would this prevent forbidden relations? I am not asking about wasted seed, but just the relation itself. Thank you


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Maharsham, Rogatchover Gaon and Rav Ovadia Yosef all rule that even with a condom it is called sexual relations. Interestingly, the Rabbi Dovid Lau (a nobody compared to the heavy hitters mentioned above) has a piece in his sefer where he calls into question some of the halachik mechanics in this case, but even he stops short of saying that it's not called relations.

(source: המקום מרחק על מסכת יבמות ג' ע"ב)

  • לא עיינתי בתשובות שהביא שם, אבל מה שדימה באותו ספר ביאה ע׳י קונדום להביאה דרך סדין ריש ירושלמי מס׳ יבמות, נראה שזה טעוס גמור. עין פני משה וציון ירושלים שם.
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    Where is the teshuva from R' Ovadia found?
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    The Chief Rabbi of Israel is a nobody? Do you really need to say that?
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    "A nobody compared...." Not necessary. No one reading this answer is interested in the Rabbi's league table... Really stains an otherwise top answer. Commented Jan 7, 2019 at 3:25
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    He may concur to that, he's got ענווה - but why call him so in the first place?
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