The mitzvah of learning Torah is well known. But what about being MeChadash Chidushei Torah, innovating Torah thoughts? Does such an obligation exist? or is it enough that I learn what is written without ever coming up with my own innovative explanations?

Are there any well known essays on this subject? (I stress essays and not just one liners found in various seforim.)

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In Hilchos Talmud Torah by the author of the Shulchan Aruch HaRav 1:1 (and brought again in 2:2) the Rav quotes based off the Zohar (Part 1 page 12b) the Taz (O.C. 545 s.q. 13 regarding writing Chiddushei Torah on Chol Hamoed) and others "and after you acquired in Torah each person according to his skill... to be Michadeish Halachos rabos - innovate a lot of halachos (in 1:5 he uses the term Chidushei Halachos Liayn Kaytz (to no limit!))

In his other work the Tanya (Igeres Hakodesh 26 (page 145a) the Alter Rebbe writes "every Jew is able to reveal secrets of wisdom and to discover a new insight whether it be in laws or in homiletics in the revealed or in mystical... indeed one is obligated to" (and the Alter Rebbe goes on to write a whole paragraph explaining this idea according to Chassidus).

See also Sefer HaSichos 5749 part 2 page 468ff where the the Lubavitcher Rebbe discusses this topic.

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