If someone has an appointment, and arranges for a babysitter to come to watch his/her children while he/she goes to the appointment, and the babysitter doesn't show up, so the parent misses the appointment, and needs to book and pay for a new appointment, is the babysitter liable to pay for the missed appointment? Sources please.

  • When the babysitter agreed to the arrangement, were they aware of the possible financial loss involved for you if they didn't show up or didn't show up on time?
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I discussed this interesting case with my rav. For now, I can supply a partial answer, as we need to research some its nuances a bit further:

When you refer to a baby-sitter, it depends if you have "hired" this person or not. I.e. - if you pay this person on "salary" for him / her to come regularly or even as needed, then that person is in the category of a "shomer sachir" - a paid watcher. That person is responsible for negligence, which MAY include such "incidental" damages as not showing up on time for the appointment and causing you a loss.

Again, we need to research further, but, I placed this as food for thought, for now.

  • I was actually thinking it might be similar to a shomer. But it would be good if we can find something about it from a universally accepted sefer or if you can find out if your Rav has a source. But this is good to start off with.
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Poel yachol lachzor aphilu ad chatzi yom. A worker can backout even mid-day. You can't buy people. However you may be able to withold wages, even beyond the missed time. checkout the 6th perek of bava metziah

  • Welcome to Mi Yodea - the OP requested sources, which you forgot to include in your answer. Commented Jul 20, 2015 at 6:29

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