What are some intresting Remazim like Acronyms and Numerical equivalents (Gematrias) with the word Chanukah for some fillers for a Chanukah Party speech?

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Roshei Teivos of Chanuka = Ches Nairos V'Halacha K'Bais Hillel


The word Chashmonai is Roshei Teivos - Chodesh, Shabbos, Milah, Nidah, Ishus, Yichud Hashem wjich are the six Mitzvos the Yevanim wanted to eradicate. (Shaar Bas Rabim)


Maccabe: מכבי = Mi Chamocha Ba'elim Adonai

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חנוכה could be split into two words: חנו+כה, which means "rested on 25". The Hashmonaim rested from the war on 25 of Kislev.


The reason Yavan was able to take control of the Bais HaMikdash is that Yavan = 66 and Haichal = 65

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25th word in the Torah is Ohr, a hint to the miracle of Chanukah, which happened with lights on the 25th day of Kislev.

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How about this: Number of pesukim in the parasha of the korbanos of the nesiim (and the gematria of chanuka).


The Agra D'Kalla says that the word Breishis בראשית is Roshei Teivos as follows.

A: א'נטיוכות ר'שע י'גזור ת'כתבו ב'קרן ש'ור

B: י'שועה ר'בה ת'היה ב'זמן ש'ימלוך א'נטיוכות

C: י'שועה ר'בה ת'היה ש'ינצחו ב'ני א'הרן

D: ב'ימי ר'שעת י'ונים ת'הללו ש'ם א'דנות (Hallel)

E: ב'ימי ר'שעת י'ונים ת'דליקו ש'מונה א'ורות


Gimraya of Hanuka:

  • Zeh Mazal
  • Milev Tov
  • Ze MaHalev
  • VeHaya Ki Yeviacha

In Parshas Bereishis, the 25th word is Ohr.

In Parshas Ma'asei, the 25th stop is Chashmonah.

In Parahas Emor, immediately after the Yamim Tovim is the Menorah, a hint to Chanukah. After that is the Shulchan, a hint to Purim and its mitzvos of food.

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