Rav Neventzal’s sichos Bereishis sichah 36, explains that Dovid knew via ru’ach ha’kodesh that Moshiach was going to come from his relationship with Batsheva. I heard that this refers to the child who subsequently died. Is there a source for the idea that the child of Dovid and Batsheva was supposed to be Moshiach?

  • Heard the same thing from the Russian lectures of one of my rabbeim who sourced his rebbi, R' Moshe Frank. Not sure of the real textual source in the meforshim, looking fwd to find out.
    – gt6989b
    Jul 30, 2014 at 18:47
  • haravginsburgh.com/2014/06/13/… Jul 30, 2014 at 20:22


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