Where can I find an online synopsis of each Mesechta of Talmud Bavli?


  1. I do not care so much about length, the longer the better. As long as it is not too long.

  2. I want a overall summary of the topics. For example:

    Mesechta Makkos deals with 3 main subjects: Aydim Zomimim (Perek 1), Golus (Perek 2), and Malkus (Perek 3) etc.

I think you understand what I want.

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    Your synopsis of Makos is certainly not three pages! Does it really satisfy your criterion of "the longer the better"?
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  • 1. Makkos is very short and simple to summarize 2. And it could be more explained, I just made a kitzur of the kitzur.
    – user6781
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Look at the introduction of the מאירי to each masechta, where he breaks down the topics of the masechta in general as well as perek by perek.
(He also does that in a more perek-specific manner at the beginning of each perek.)

While not usually online, the Hebrewbooks website has the בית הבחירה -- just search for "בית הבחירה."
Here is an example of an introduction of the מאירי to a masechta; on that page, to בבא קמא.

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The Soncino has an introduction to a) The Talmud, b) Each Order, c) Each Tractate.

You can see most of them here: http://halakhah.com/

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    They do not have a introduction for all of them.
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I suggest that those who are seeking Talmud Bavli summaries should visit The Steinsaltz Center's website at https://steinsaltz.org/tractate-archive/ which offers daf-by-daf summaries rather than summarising each masechta.

"The Steinsaltz Center offers a page with daily updates as well as essays one, two and three days in advance."

There is a very short summary (2 or 3 lines) of each masechta on the home page of Sefaria's Talmud library https://www.sefaria.org/texts/Talmud.

  • @mbloch Thank you. I have substantially shortened the quote from The Steinsaltz Center website.
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