If a Jew is kidnapped by a non-Jew that he suspects may kill him, according to halacha how should he act? Meaning, should he try to escape or not?

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    The 2nd question, should he try to escape, seems "illogical". You are not allowed to do anything in anyway that allows you to be killed by someone, other than 3 situations, and none of them involve kidnapping with intent to kill. Perhaps, define the parameters of "suspects"? What would the kidnapper be doing? And, why should it matter if it's a Jew or non-Jew doing the action? Non-Jews are forbidden to kill, by the Noahide laws. – DanF Jul 14 '14 at 20:45
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    Halachically, the victim has one priority: staying alive. Consult your local police officer regarding the best way to do so in the described scenario. – Fred Jul 14 '14 at 20:55
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    @Fred - You mean CYLPO? BTW - an officer would probably advise that the best way to stay alive in this scenario is to use your gun, which, in many states you can't do, legally :-) Ya know, in these states, I think I would just stick to CYLOR first, and have him call the cops for you ;-) – DanF Jul 14 '14 at 21:28
  • Just to add to my previous comment: One Jew is not necessarily allowed to try to stay alive by doing something that could endanger other Jews (such as involvement in an effort to ransom himself for the release of murderers in prison). – Fred Jul 14 '14 at 23:03
  • @Fred Do you have a source for your second comment? – Ypnypn Jul 15 '14 at 1:29

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