My copy of "Guide to Blessings, The Brochos for Various Foods" compiled by Rabbi Naftali Hoffner (NCSY/OU) states that tortillas get the "Shehakol" blessing because they are made of maize (corn) flour. This would make sense for corn tortillas ("hard shell tacos"), but I am not certain about flour tortillas ("soft shell tacos"). They are usually made from wheat flour without any corn.

Obviously, one could make a Shehakol on them (based on the famous advice "when in doubt, go for a Shehakol"), but my question is: Are they a flat-bread so that one should say "Hamotzi" or they a general wheat product so that "Mezonot" is more appropriate?


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In a personal conversation, Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky said that they do not have "tzuras hapas" (the form of bread) and are therefore mezonos.

Rabbi Bodner once showed R' Elyashiv a tortilla and he said that it did have tzuras hapas. (There are other factors that could nonetheless make it not Hamotzi, but R' Bodner did not ask about them).

I was actually just speaking to someone who told me that when Rabbi Fuerst of Chicago came to the Cincinnati Kollel, he assumed as obvious (after saying that it was a justified question) that a wrap has tzuras hapas.


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