I want to know why would someone choose Artscroll Talmud Bavli over the Koren Talmud Bavliand and vice versa.

What features do the Koren Talmud Bavli and the Artscroll Talmud Bavli and how do they compare.

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  • I cant speak for the Koren which I dont possess but the artscroll is perfect. It is written by a collective group of scholars not just one man and I have yet to find a mistake.
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    @preferred Do you work for them or something? Nothing is perfect.
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    Me personally do not know anyone from the Artscroll team. And I do know someone from Koren, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. But popularity does not really affect anything. What Features Do you like about ArtScroll? That make it "perfect"
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I have learned with both the Koren and the Artscroll. I actually switched to the Koren Steinsaltz. I have been using it everyday to learn daf yomi for 2 years. It really depends what your looking for if one is better than the other. As far as explanation, I would not label Koren a review Gemorah. While Artscroll is known for it's explanation, Koren has a lot of the explanation in the English translation of the running text as well as in the notes section. Diagrams and illustrations are brought in to clarify the text. It really depends on the page that you're on in any given tractate if there are more notes in the Artscroll or the Koren. I would reference Koren's version of Tractate Shekalim which has an abundance of explanation.

What I like best about the Koren Steinsaltz however is that you can follow in the flow of the discussion in the English translation which I find is very difficult with the Artscroll. However if you like to learn directly from the Tzuras HaDaf, Artscroll has it's advantages. You can go back and forth easier between the English and the actual page. Artscroll also has a good iPad app.


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I personally read a daf of Gemora with Artscroll and Koren. (Rosh Hashana 2) and even though it was very little I was reading different things on each one and I will conclude (mostly subjective)

So I would conclude that ArtScroll is more of a Learn-By-Yourself Gemorah

And Koren is more of a Reveiw Gemorah

  • (And according to that then ArtScroll is a (SUBJECTIVE) better gemorah than Koren and my reasoning is like this even though Koren is more of a Review Gemorah than ArtScroll, ArtScroll can still be a great review Gemorah. But on the other hand Koren, it serves as a great Review gemorah but lacks I feel on the explanation so is not so good. And it end up that Koren is a 6-Explanation (compared to ArtScroll) and a 10-Review and ArtScroll is a 7.5-Review and 10 Explanation (these numbers are very big estimate on my subject opinion)
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  • Is the Koren one the Stienzaltz? Commented Jul 3, 2014 at 12:23
  • Yes is it english from Stienzaltz
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I have never learned with the Koren, but what I have heard is that it is basically just a literal translation of the Gemara text. So if you want the experience of learning the Gemara where you have to figure things out on your own the same way you would without a translation, the Koren seems to be best. But if you want to be able to get pshat right away, the Artscroll is probably best because it gives a lot of explanation.

  • This might be referring to older editions of the Steinsaltz translation - it is incorrect when referring to the new Koren Steinsaltz edition which, like artscroll, has commentary and explanations mixed into the translation
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