Feldheim used to publish a book with the piyutim added for shabbatot throughout the year, which I have heard referred to by such disparate names as "the blue book"*, Piyutim le-shabatot ha-shana le-fi minhag Ashkenaz ** and Piyutim lechol shabbat beshabbato* **. Does anyone know the ISBN or locations on the internet where it might be found for sale?

*From an article on Shnei Zeitim originating on KAYJ.net

**cf. ibid.

***From an email exchange with R' Wallis Wiesenthal

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There is definitely one in a library in Denmark and in Regensburg (kind of close to you?) http://www.worldcat.org/title/piyutim-le-shabatot-ha-shana-le-fi-minhag-ashkenaz-piyyutim/oclc/466173928


I think the ISBN number is 9780873062992 or possibly 087306299X 9780873062992.

The ISBN number implies that these two are the same book (translated), but I am not certain.



They sell the translated one for $79 - $83

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