When visiting a gravesite, my Jewish relatives always place small stones on the gravestone as a showing of respect for the dead. They typically place one stone on the gravestone, but I find myself wondering how many stones is a visitor expected to place on a gravestone. Is there a minimum or maximum count? Is it considered disrespectful to place too many or too few?

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  • @gershongold: Thank you for the link to the other question. I did see that but didn't find the answer there. It is focused on why stones are placed on the gravestone, not how many, However, the question is closely related and I hope it helps to clarify what I am trying to ask. – atk Jun 24 '14 at 21:13

Orach Chaim 224:12 Beer Haitaiv 8 says the reason that either grass or stone is placed on the grave is as a honor for the person buried there, as it shows that people came to his grave. There is no mention as to placing more than or less than one.

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    One stone shows that one person came one time to pay their respects. There is no reason to inflate that number. (And I don't think there's an obligation to leave that mark if you don't consider your visit "significant".) So: Minimum 0, maximum 1. – keshlam Jun 25 '14 at 3:57

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