I have heard that Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Ruderman of Ner Israel quoted Rabbi Meir Simcha (the Or Sameach or Meshech Chochma) in almost every Torah address to the school. I have heard, further, that he did so as an act of hakaras hatov (recognizing beneficence) to Rabbi Meir Simcha for something the latter did for him when he was young. Does anyone know the story?

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    Perhaps it is related to this story, printed in the November 1987 edition of the Jewish Observer: "One could readily believe the story told how, as a bachur, Rabbi Ruderman got hold of a copy of a just published volume of Ohr Somayach on Zemanim for one night's perusal. He had no access to a lamp, so he went through the entire sefer that night, by the light of the moon. His poor vision became further damaged from the experience-but he was able to quote the sefer copiously for the remainder of his life."
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According to Rabbi Frand - Rabbi Ruderman corresponded with the Ohr Sameach.

Those old enough to remember Rav Ruderman saw a connection to the glory of what European Jewry was in its prime. He corresponded with the Ohr Sameach.

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I learned in Ner Yisroel for a few years, and from what I heard from the Rebbeim, R' Ruderman's affinity for the Ohr Someiach comes from his appreciation of the Ohr Sameach's genius. He learned the entire sefer by moonlight as a bachur. So it was not so much an act of hakaras hatov but of the very high regard he had for the Ohr Sameach's greatness in Torah.

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