If a vessel only held cold food, never hot, but was washed in the dishwasher, does it need hagalah for pesach? Or nothing?

Is your minhag not to use any year-round cookware for pesach, or do you kasher some things?

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Definitely better to kasher the vessel if you can. In theory there are arguments to be made ... but the standard practice (from what I know) is to kasher everything. A few hundred years ago, Ashkenazim would do "milui v'irui" (three-fold 24-hour soaking) for their drinking glasses, but that's not recommended these days; if the vessel can withstand the heat, kasher it; if not, don't use it. (Sephardic practice is more lenient, check with your local chacham...)

But sure I'll kasher things. Occasionally I wimp out and bring it to my shul, where they do large batches of kashering with their professional-grade kitchen. (I'd think the fact that most shuls offer such a service is an implicit statement that they have no custom against kashering.)

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