Most nusach sefard has ashrai-uvo lzion while doing g'lila before the sefer torah is returned to the ark, which works out 'quicker'. What is correct nusach ashkenaz. Is it different on rosh chodesh or chol hamoed where the kaddish afterwards also applies to mussaph.

  • What is "correct nusach ashkenaz"?
    – Double AA
    Apr 30, 2014 at 16:32

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I think you're incorrect that "[m]ost nusach sefard has ashrai-uvo lzion while doing g'lila". In my experience, at least, most nusach-S'farad synagogues say it after g'lila — or at least finish it after g'lila. This is especially true on days tachanun is said.

Anyway, in my experience, nusach Ashk'naz generally completes g'lila and, if applicable, "Y'hi ratzon", puts away the Tora and then says "Ashre" etc. with no kadish intervening. Then comes kadish and then, if applicable, musaf.


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