Should one lain the trop while reciting Shiras Hayam during Pesukei D'zimra?

My siddur includes the trop for the Shiras Hayam, just as it does for the Shema.

With regards to the Shema I know of a source which discusses laining it during davening (see Orach Chaim 61:24).

If one should lain it, should one use the special tune we use on Shabbos Shira?

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  • FWIW it's my minhag to do so for both. Also FWIW I've seen siddurim that include trop on any passuk that appears in the Siddur. So that's all of Pesukei D'Zimra, not just Az Yashir.
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  • Fascinating that despite the 2 documented answers, the Shulchan Aruch, Kitzur, Aruch Hashulchan and Yalkut Yosef do not mention it. (Nor can I find it in the Mishna Berura) Commented Aug 27, 2017 at 14:58

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סידור אוצר התפילות writes:

וכן כתב של"ה שירת הים צריך לאמרה מעומד ובשמחה רבה כאלו אותה שעה יצא ממצרים, ובכוונה ובנגון הטעמים

And so writes the Shaloh, Shiras Hayam must be said standing, and with great joy as if at that moment he one was leaving mitzrayim, with kavana, and with the tune of the ta'amim.

סידור שפה ברורה (a German siddur) says:

שירת הים צריך לאמרה מעומד בשמחה ובכוונה ובניגון הטעמים כמו בספר תורה

Shiras Hayam must be said standing, with kavana, and with the tune of the ta'amim as in a sefer torah.

According to Siddur Tefiloh Sefas Yisroel (pg. 37), this is indeed the German Minhag.


Its brought down in Siddur Arizal to say Shiras Hayam with the trop.

enter image description here

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    What are you quoting?
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