The gemara in Megillah 15 writes that Mordechai acquired Haman for a piece of bread. Rashi writes:

וזה בא בפרוזבולי - מרדכי בא אליו בטענת עושר המן בא בטענת עוני שמכר המן את עצמו למרדכי קודם לכן ימים רבים בככרי לחם:

There are midrashim which explain the whole story, but in short Mordechai acquired Haman, and the midrashim say there was a shtar (legal document) written for the acquisition.

What is the text of the document that Mordechai wrote on his shoe, showing he is the master over Haman? I believe it is in Manos Halevi, but does anyone know where exactly it is?


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The source is אגדת אסתר ה׃ט. See page 30.

The text there is:

אני המן האגגי עבדו של מרדכי היהודי שנמכרתי לו בככר לחם אחת

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Finally found the full text in the Manos Halevi its on passuk 5:13 (text of document is on next page):

My translation : "I am Haman the son of hemdasa from the linage of agag,I was sent by the king Achashverosh to fight a war against the city of Hindahka,the king placed me in charge of 60000 soldiers,and he gave me food to support them,and he did the same for Mordichai the son of Shmi (the son of Kish) from shevet Binyamin,I wasted all the belongings of the king,and I did not have enough money to support the troops of the king,I went to borrow from Mordichai with interest,And he said to me it is not permitted to lend me with interest since esav and Yaakov were brothers,I was unable to do anything until I sold myself to him as a servant,and if I stopped being his servant,or even I don't admit to being his servant,or I don't show up for my work as a servant for one day of the week all the days of my life and my son and my sons son until the end of days,or have hatred because of the the sale of selling myself to him,like esav had towards Yaakov because of the selling of the bechorah,then you should uproot a piece of wood from my house and hang me upon it,I accept on myself, Haman the son of hemdasah from the seed of agag to be the servant of Mordichai the Jew like all that i have written in this letter,With my own will, and my wanting."

(If I made a mistake please correct )

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