I understand that there is a tradition that the Third Temple, may it come swiftly, will be built in Heaven and delivered intact to Jerusalem by G-d when the Messiah comes. What is the source for this view?

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Per this article, this is based on Rashi, whose source is Midrash Tanchuma, Pekudei, sec. 11.


A few of the sources are:

Zohar based on Chagai 2:9 גָּדוֹל יִהְיֶה כְּבוֹד הַבַּיִת הַזֶּה הָאַחֲרוֹן, מִן-הָרִאשׁוֹן says that the third Bais haMikdash will be built by Hashem.

Yalkut Shimoni Tehilim 848 on Tehilim 93:5 עֵדֹתֶיךָ, נֶאֶמְנוּ מְאֹד--לְבֵיתְךָ נַאֲוָה-קֹדֶשׁ: ה', לְאֹרֶךְ יָמִים explains that when the house of Hashem will be built by Hashem then it will last forever.


Look in Tanach with commentaries -- Yechezkiel chapters 40-48. Pretty explicit.

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