What is the definition or usual translation for the word "Adderabba"? I sometimes find it as an interjection in Jewish blogs and forums, so it is not easy to figure out the meaning from the context. On Mi Yodeya, I found it four times (not counting this question), possibly all written by DoubleAA.

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    Mike, I've put this on hold as it is currently a Hebrew-language question without specifically-Jewish context, and that's off-topic here. If you encountered this word in a Jewish context, please edit the question to provide more details and we can reopen. Thanks. – Monica Cellio Mar 5 '14 at 14:22

Wikimilon (Hebrew Wiktionary) suggests: On the contrary.



Actually it has two meanings:1. "On the contrary", and 2. "More so".
The literal definition is more so. you can see a discussion (hebrew) in the hebrew language forum

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