If you are in a rainstorm with thunder and lightning - you make the Brachos for them. What happens if the storm ends and then a few hours later (same day) it is raining again. Do you make another Bracha or is it only said once a day?

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As long as it looks overcast, it's once per day.

If it totally completely absolutely clears up bright and shiny, then later thunderstorms, you'd make a new bracha.


Once per day,


Once per cloudy episode

Whichever is more.

(See Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 227:2 and Mishna Berura sk 8)

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  • Just to clarify most poskim hold that 'day' in this context starts at Olot HaShachar and not Tzeit HaKochavim.
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  • I think that if you follow the same storm - E.g. the storm moves from west to east. You were in the storm, it left your area, then you drive eastward and you're in the same storm - you do not need to make the bracha, again. I think I asked this question on this site, and I'll try to find it.
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If by "ends", you mean the sky cleared, then yes you make another one. However, just stopping and starting doesn't count.

On an aside, if it's the next day you make a Bracha even if the sky didn't clear.

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