In the answer to Rules for Cutting Nails it quotes the Mishna Berura 260:6 that one should not cut their nails on Thursday. Mishna Berura explains that by cutting them on Thursday they will begin to grow on Shabbos. It also mentions the Be'er Hataiv 260:2 based on Rabbi Yehuda HaChasid not to cut one's nails on Rosh Chodesh. If Friday is Rosh Chodesh is there an exception to this rule? Or do you make an exception and cut them rather on Thursday? Perhaps it is done on Wednesday? (sources)


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The website/sefer Halachically Speaking Vol.3 here says:

The poskim say one should not cut his nails or hair even when Rosh Chodesh falls out on Friday and wants to do so for kovod (for the honor of) Shabbos1.

Although some say one can be lenient2, the custom is like the first opinion quoted3, and one should cut them on Thursday instead4.

(Earlier he brought in the footnotes: Some say if one normally cuts his nails every Friday you can do so even on Friday Rosh Chodesh (Maharam Brisk 2:99, Orchos Chaim (Spinka) 260, see Shivim Temarim 56-57).

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  3. Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita, see Chut Shuni Shabbos 4:page 319 quoting this as the opinion of Horav Korelitz Shlita, Doleh U’mashka page 173.

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