When people go away for shabbos they often bring along a gift to their hosts. What is a good Kosher wine - not too dry - that you can give for less than $20?

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At the risk of being boring, the Bartenura Moscato ("blue bottle") is usually well-received. Mevushal. Easy to find at most kosher wine places these days.

For those who prefer something Israeli, there's the Carmel analogue (yes mevushal) of the "blue bottle", and the Gamla (non-mevushal).


If you like the idea of a decent wine (cabernet, etc.) but find them a touch too dry, try Herzog's Jeunesse (a semi-dry, usually too sweet for real dry wine drinkers). $10-12 a bottle.

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I enjoy white Zinfandel. It comes in a nice pink shade, and it's got just enough sweetness to pull out of being truly dry.

Baron Herzog makes it in California, and Carmel makes it in Israel. It looks like they can be found for under $10 and under $15, respectively.

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