If someone makes a blessing on food, and before eating hears the same blessing from another person, does he say Amen, or is that a hefsek?

Similarly, if one finishes Baruch She'amar, and (before continuing with Pesukei Dezimra) hears the chazzan finish it, should one respond Amen, or is that a hefsek as well?

  • I don't have the source ready right now, but one should not answer to a blessing on food (or anything else) between saying one's own identical blessing, and partaking. There is a disagreement on the matter though, and it is best to avoid the situation. A common case is someone else making hamotzi, while one has not partaken after his own blessing (or a blessing that was said on his behalf).
    – Adám
    Commented Jan 6, 2014 at 16:41
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    Sort of related: judaism.stackexchange.com/q/8258
    – Fred
    Commented Jan 6, 2014 at 17:28

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On the blessing, it's a hefseck: you're in your blessing and mitzvah patiurs mitzvah. In pasick dzimra you can answer.

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