Apparently there is a "tomb of the Matriarchs" in Tiberias which is purported to house several nashim tzidkaniot. I'd like to know how it was determined that those women were buried in that place.

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    Looks like a tourist trap to me.
    – avi
    Dec 15, 2013 at 15:56

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The only articles discussing this with sources that I found are here and in PDF here (both in Hebrew) - and their sources (which are similar, though not identical) begin in the 12th century, mostly by Jews who traveled the world and passed through Israel.

There seems to be no source for any of these in the Medrash, and definitely not in the Talmud.

Some of the earlier sources mentioned in those articles are:

(Note that the Wikipedia article you point to has been flagged as a stub, has no sources (excluding a link to Tiberian hotels mentioning the site as a tourist attraction) and only exists in English, Ukranian, Russian and Tamil, but not in Hebrew.)

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