Pretty straight forward--why do Sephardim put on the tefillin shel yad while sitting?

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    You could make this question more valuable by including information about how you know that this is the case (source?) and why you consider it remarkable (contrast with others' practice? known reason for others' practice?).
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    possible duplicate of bracha on tefillin while sitting
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Yalkut Yosef 25:69 says that it is done that way Al Pi Kabala.

מנהגינו על פי הקבלה להניח תפילין של יד מיושב, ותפילין של ראש מעומד. ומנהג האשכנזים להניח בין תפילין של יד בין תפילין של ראש מעומד. [ילקו''י על תפילין מהדורת תשס''ד, סימן כה הערה סח, שאר''י חלק א' עמ' שנב].

  • An explanation would be appreciated.
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  • Al Pi Kabala means it is for a Kabilistic reason, which is beyond my comprehension. Commented Dec 6, 2013 at 15:39
  • Why in this case we go according to kabbalah and in others we don't?
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  • Your question was why - which I answered. If you want to ask why in this case we go according to kabbalah and in others we don't, then please click here Commented Dec 6, 2013 at 16:04
  • The Mishna Brurah brings the rule of halacha vs kabbalah in this halacha
    – sam
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Hacham Ovadia Yosef has a rule in his Pesakim- "Bimkom Minhag Lo Amrinan Kibalnu Horaot Maran- when there is a preexisting Minhag we don't follow Maran". Why is this so? Because Maran writes in the Hakdama to the Bet Yosef that he didn't come to get rid of old Minhagim. Therefor the preexisting Minhag before the Bet Yosef was to place them sitting down.

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