Is one allowed to spray cologne on shabbos? Any rules against doing this?

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The primary source is the in Gemara in Bietza 23a which discusses Molid Re'ech - creating a smell on an object.

Rashi (D'Ka Molid) there explains that it's a Rabbinic prohibition; it's similar to doing work.

This does not apply to food items, according to most Poskim - and according to how we Pasken.

The earlier Poskim argue if this applies to the body. For example, the Taz (511:8) disallowed it. However the Mishna Berura allows it. (This can be inferred from 327:1 that a healthy person can use Rose Water.)

There's some major discussion if it's allowed even if it will inevitably cause one's clothes to also smell good.

All this - with lots of sources - and more you can find on page 330 of Vol 3 in Sefer Orchot Shabbat (In Hebrew, by Rabbis Gelber and Rubin, Jerusalem 2009 ).

In short: If you spray it onto your body - but not enough that your clothes will smell of it - then everybody allows it.

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