What's the oldest continuously-existing, still-open kosher restaurant?

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    Isaac, what lesson do we learn from the Nesiim?
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Fine & Schapiro Kosher Restaurant & Delicatessen 138 W. 72nd St., New York, NY 10023 is open since 1927!


Hess in Yerushalayim has been a family sausage business since 1797, IIRC.

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    – Alex
    Apr 9 '12 at 17:07

It's not exactly a restaurant, but Yonah Shimmel's Knish Bakery, according to their site yonahschimmel.com, has been operating at the same location on East Houston Street in Manhatten, NY since 1910 selling kosher knishes, blintzes, and other goodies.


There is a luncheonette on 16th Ave & 48th Street in Boro Park called Liberman's. It is open for over 40 years!


It was Ratners in the Lower East Side until It closed but i think it was Non Kosher for a while too


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