The sefer חצי מנשה (R' Menashe Grossberg, 1860-1927, brief bio excerpted from Encyclopedia Judaica here) refers to a R' Yosef Angeloni (אנגילוני) who authored a sefer entitled קופת הרוכלים that is supposedly in manuscript at Oxford.

R' M.M. Kasher (in Torah Sheleima) cites R' Angeloni via R' Grossberg in multiple instances, such as in the link provided in this answer.

Who was R' Yosef Angeloni?

(Information on when and where he lived and on his sefer would be appreciated, as would any other biographical details).

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    @wfb how do you know?
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  • @msh210 That's what the Encyclopedia Judaica goes with, too, but why?
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  • @msh210 Truth is, now that you bring it up I'm not sure any more. I just assumed that would be a better book title.
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  • @wfb I just changed it to Hebrew. Incidentally, are you aware of any sources indicating a relationship between Menashe (or at least Yosef) and (specifically) arrows?
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  • @Fred, B'reshis 48:22 (Yosef, not M'nashe).
    – msh210
    Commented Nov 26, 2013 at 18:53

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According to this source,

Rabbi Joseph Angelit of Spain was a Cabbalist who lived in Saragosa in the first half of the 14th century. (Scholars had originally believed his name was Angelino, and that he was Italian, but this was a scribal error). He authored several books including Sefer Livnat Sapir, Sefer Kupat Rokhlin, a commentary on Sha'arei Orah, Kaf Dalet Yesodot, and he also refers to a commentary on Aggadot and a Sefer Mitzvoth that he wrote, but these are not been found. The date he gives for writing his Livnat Sapir is 1327, and according to Spanish archival material he was present during an arbitration proceedings that took place in Sarragosa in 1335. Some of his writing is in the style of the Zohar and Yehudah Libes has suggested not only that he himself thought of his writing as contiguous with Zohar Literature, but that bits of his writings have in fact been included in the Zohar. See: Iris Felix, The Kabbalistic Thought of Rabbi Joseph Angelit, M.A. thesis, 1991.[Hebrew]

His sefer Livnat ha-Sapir is available here, and here is an article about his Zoharic writings.

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