Where can I buy a copy of the sefer Shailos and Tshuvos Ohr Yitzchak of Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi?

No seforim stores carry it anymore ,out of stock.

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    It may be helpful to mention a geographical area, so people from that location can refer you to stores who carry out-of-print volumes. I also see the volume is available on hebrewbooks.org, so you can download it and bring the file to a print-shop who can print it and bind it for you. (The cost depends on how many pages, and the quality of the binding. I would imagine that "spiral" bound is the cheapest.) There are online services that do this as well.
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    Only the first volume is available on hebrewbooks.org. For the second volume see the answer below.
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The second volume has the following address to purchase the book: הרב עבאדי 119 Carasaljo Dr. Lakewood, NJ 08701 732-318-6520


The Sefer is available online here.


Its available on his Kollel Website: http://oheltorah.com/shop/


Both volumes are sold at the annual Seforim Sale in Belfer Hall at Yeshiva University.

Edit 2/2/2020

Beginning today the 2020 Seforim Sale is open. Both volumes are currently available there for $30.75 each.

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