How old were Avraham Avinu and Sarah Imeinu when they got married?


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Seder Hadoros also brings down two other opinions 1. from Sefer "Zekukin DeNorah" that Avrohom was 76 (making Sarah 66). He lso brings a Yeish Omrim that Avrohom was 50 at the time he married Sarh and Sarh was childless for 50 years.

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Sefer Hayashar says that Haran was 42 when Sarai was born to him. Further on, it says that Haran died at age 82 (from being thrown into the fire with Avram), and that "at that time" Avram and Sarai married. So that would make them respectively 50 and 40.

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From this Yalkut Shimoni (16:78), it seems like 25/15 as they were "barren from Yitzchak for 75 years".

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