I am going to the funeral of a close friend's sister; the family is Jewish. In the funeral notice it states: "Gentlemen please wear head covering".

My question is: what is an appropriate covering for non-Jewish gentlemen or men?


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There is no religious requirement in Judaism for a non-Jewish man to wear a head covering. However, since a public request was made, some attendees might feel that it is disrespectful or insensitive to appear without a head covering. As a practical concern, and out of sensitivity to the family, I would therefore recommend wearing a head covering. Either a yarmulke or a type of hat that would generally be considered appropriate attire at a funeral should be fine.

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    To anticipate the followup question about where to get a yarmulke (aka kippah): if your close friend is male and you're comfortable asking, he's probably got one you can borrow; if not, you can get one at a Jewish bookstore for not very much money. (There could be a basket of them at the funeral, but if a request was made that might suggest not -- and anyway, do you want to rely on that?) Oct 29, 2013 at 2:58

a yarmulke also called a kipa is appropriate or a gentleman's hat of some variety (although I don't recommend one that will stand out too much such as a large top hat)

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