Snuggie is a popular brand of sleeved blanket. A sleeved blanket is a four-cornered blanket with sleeves, similar to a backwards bathrobe. It can be made of anything blankets are made of.

The answer to this question explains why a blanket does not normally need tzitzis. But the presence of sleeves raises some questions.

  • Is the presence of sleeves enough to constitute wearing it in the manner of clothing (derech levisha)?
  • Does the arrangement of the four corners not being on all four sides of the body still render it exempt even when sleeves are present?

(In a practical situation, CYLOR of course.)


If it's made of synthetic material (and it probably is):

  • R' Moshe Feinstein (Igrot Moshe vol 2 #1) rules that it does not require tzitzit.
  • The Tzitz Eliezer (vol 7 #3) and R' Ben Tzion Abba Shaul (Ohr l'Tziyon vol 2 2:3) rule that it does (because of a safek d'oraita l'chumra), but that you don't make the beracha (because of safek berachot l'hakel).
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  • If you are only using it at night then it would be Patur as well. Also, if it is owned by a woman and simply borrowed for short duration, it would also be Patur. – Reddit_Rabbi Oct 30 '13 at 2:06
  • @Reddit_Rabbi What does the woman have to do with it? – Double AA May 18 '14 at 5:02

If it has 4 corners, it needs tzitzis. A blanket would also need, if worn as a garment. However, based on the pictures, it looks like the Snuggie has two corners instead of four. So it won't need Tzitzis.

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  • I'm pretty sure it does have four. The top two are normally draped over the shoulders. – Premundane Oct 23 '13 at 17:34

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