The second mishnah in Rosh HaShanah says that "all the people of the world" are judged on Rosh HaShanah. How should non-Jews observe the Day of Judgment?

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  • In addition to the answers, you may want to know that Gentiles are allowed to and are sometimes welcome to attend High Holiday services. You should verify this with the specific synagogue you may want to attend - not just regarding their policy, but these holidays tend to get filled seats and the synagogue may want to prioritize their seating for their own Jewish members and family / guests. You will find many of the prayers are "general" applying to universal concepts of peace, blessings, and G-d's kingship. And the sound of the shofar is inspiring for everyone. – DanF Sep 5 '18 at 16:20

The nearest answer I can find refers to the prayers that Noahides can say on or before Rosh Hashonoh from “asknoah.org”

The suggested prayers contain a section from “Unesaneh Tokef”, “V’Khol Ma’aminin”, Psalm 24, and some prayers from from the booklet "Prayers, Blessings, Principles of Faith, and Divine Service for Noahides (5th Edition, pub. 20’13 by Ask Noah International)"

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I saw an article where Rabbi Israel Chait addresses your question for Bnei Noach. I thought you might like his comments.

Here is the link for the article on Mesora.org

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  • I especially appreciated that he advised not to observe it as a holiday. That had completely slipped my mind as I was thinking about this. – user6591 Sep 22 '14 at 19:26

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